I help you train your dog using clicker training, rewards and praise to bring out the best behaviour and have happy dogs and owners. I can teach you one to one in person or via Skype. 


I help dog owners show their dogs like professionals, advising on clipping, grooming, presentation and how to behave in the ring. I also run a mentoring programme. 


Let me help you with compatibility advice, so that you match the best sire and dam. I also offer mating advice, mating support in person, litter support, mentoring & pregnancy ultrasound. 

A flat coated retriever from Derbyshire breeder Kelly Holland.


Kelly is an experienced veterinary nurse and well respected breeder and judge of flat coated retrievers. She’s based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, in the UK. 


Flatcharm is Kelly’s flat coated retriever kennel. The kennel has a history of creating show winners and well-natured family pets from a careful breeding programme.

A flat coated retriever from Kennel Flatcharm + breeder Kelly Holland, based in Derbyshire.